Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reading Assignments

Since a number of you chose this option, the oral quiz is not going to happen (even if it takes 10 minutes per paper, the quiz would take about 10 hours). We can have a written quiz. The quiz will take 30 minutes per paper and will start at 1pm on May 1. (If you are doing only one paper, you can either come at 1pm and leave at 1:30pm, or come at 1:30pm and leave at 2pm.) The final will be held at 2:40pm the same day.

1) Please email me IF you want to do paper #2. (As I recall, nobody expressed interest in reading it, so unless I hear from someone, the paper is off the list.)

2) Please email me IF there is any time conflict.

3) Please don't email me asking what type of questions there will be on the quiz. You should understand the papers in depth. You CAN use the papers on the quiz, but you can't use any other material.

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